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CED 260 Condensate Evaporator

CED 260 Condensate Evaporator

A Solution to Prevent Dripping and Other Dangers

The Lintern Corporation CED 260 condensate evaporator is designed to capture condensate from the air conditioning system and prevent it from spilling or dripping into your environment where it could cause hazards or other issues. A sensor in the tank detects water level, activating heater elements in the condensate evaporator. A high water level sensor will activate shut down the air conditioner through an air conditioner interlock relay. Each condensate evaporator tank is equipped with an over-temperature thermostat to protect the heater elements from burning out.

Explore the specifications and mounting options for our CED 260 condensate evaporator below. If you’d like to learn more about the features and applications of these units and discuss their available options, please contact our sales team today.


3.2 KW (9.8 lb/hr) 1.2GPH (5.5LPH)


16 gauge, 0.06 (1.5mm) 316 stainless steel
Continuously welded seams
¾” FPT (19mm) inlet ports, ⅜” FPT (9.5mm) clean out drain


Two (2) heavy duty tubular elements


208-230/460/575/3/60 Hz VAC
380-415/500/3/50 Hz VAC


18” x 20” x 8” (457mm x x508mm x 203mm) remote mounted control panel
Time delay AC interlock safety feature


Box: 30 lbs/13.6 kg
Panel: 40 lbs/18.14 kg
Total: 70 lb/ 31.75 kg