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More Than a Century of Innovation for Your Success

Lintern Corporation has been proudly producing industry-leading, severe-duty air conditioning systems and many other types of industrial equipment since 1940. However, our history extends far beyond the past 80 years.

Our organization was founded by William Lintern in 1892 in Berea, Ohio as the Nichols–Lintern Company. Originally, the company focused on signal lights and sanders for locomotive applications. Forty years later, the company was officially incorporated, and shortly thereafter produced the first high-temperature (air-cooled) air conditioner in 1940.

Since our founding nearly 130 years ago, we are proud to have been a family-owned company — ensuring that the same values and commitment to our customers’ success continues with each generation. To date, five generations of the Lintern family have led our organization as we continue to develop new solutions for industries around the world.

Over the years, we have pioneered numerous innovations ranging from the first ceiling-mount severe-duty air condition system in 1952 to our smart filter systems that adjust fan speed with variable fan drives for greater efficiency, launched in 2009. Most recently, we reintroduced water-cooled systems into the Lintern product line.

Key Milestones


The Nichols-Lintern Company is established by William Lintern in Berea, OH.


The Nichols-Lintern Company is incorporated and begins providing signal lights and sanders for locomotive applications.


The Lintern Corporation is officially incorporated with the State of Ohio.


The first high-temperature (air-cooled) air conditioner is introduced by Lintern Corporation.


The first split air conditioning system (148 Series) is released and the media filters are used for the first time.


The 500 (502 and 527) series is released. This is the first ceiling-mount severe duty system.


A horizontal coil, single condenser motor system is introduced.


The “L Series” (L-27, L-50, L-60, L-90) is released. These units are more efficient by using less horsepower than its predecessor.


Stainless steel is introduced for frame construction. This allows the unit to last longer in corrosive environments.


All CFCs are eliminated from the Lintern product line.


Lintern Equipment is reintroduced into the Indian market.


The first unit that operates with digital controls is released into production.


VFDs are introduced into the product line to improve efficiency as well as having the ability to use AC motors with DC power.


Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressors are introduced into Lintern products.


3000 Series modular condensers are introduced.


LIC-250 and LIF-3000 filtration units are released. They are a smart filter system that adjusts fan speed with VFD.


G-20 series is released that allows cooling up to 8 tons.


CDE Panel system is released. It allows for the VFDs on a DC system to be mounted outside of conditioned space.


H-Series is released. This allows R-134A refrigerant to be used up to 160ºF (71ºC).


The Super Duty line is released for lower dirt loading applications.


Reintroduction of water cooled systems into the Lintern product line.


G12 Vertical and horizontal self-contained unit using R-134a to be used up to 160°F (71°C)


LV Series 1 ton vertical self-contained using Scroll or Semi Hermetic Compressor


January 1, 2020 HCFC-124 no longer available in new equipment


LIF4000 & LIF4100 Filtration with VFD that adjusts fan speeds


Breezewagon mobile 5 ton horizontal self-contained for spot cooling/temporary cooling needs