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Additional Solutions

Additional Solutions for Your Air Conditioning Application Needs

Depending on your industry and application environment, you may have additional needs beyond our self-contained air conditioning systems, condensers, and evaporators. For example, in many humid locations or working environments, your air conditioning system will produce condensate, which could drip onto the floor creating a potential slipping hazard or some other difficult situation.

To solve for this, Lintern Corporation has developed two lines of condensate evaporators, which capture and measure the amount of condensate being produced by your air conditioning system. Depending on your needs, we offer a single tank evaporator or dual tank evaporator.

Additionally, if your organization has air conditioning needs that are beyond commercial systems but don’t quite justify the investment in a severe- or heavy-duty air conditioning system, such as those made by Lintern Corporation, a super duty air conditioning system is also available. This system is affordable and highly serviceable, ensuring you have a reliable solution for your specific application.

Learn more about our additional products below. If you have any questions about them, or would like to learn more about their features and applications, please contact our sales team today. We’ll be happy to assist you.

CED 260 Condensate Evaporator

Designed to catch condensate produced by air conditioning systems, the CED 260 condensate evaporator can protect your environment from unwanted dripping.

CED 964 Condensate Evaporator

With expanded water storage capacity, the CED 964 condensate evaporator delivers reliable performance where applications require no condensation around a system.