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R&D + Testing

Committed to Delivering the Best, Each and Every Time

Lintern Corporation equipment is known throughout the world for its performance and reliability. To achieve that level of acknowledgment, we have invested heavily in our research and development processes as well as thorough testing. This ensures that whatever your application or industry, the equipment you’ve come to us for will meet your most demanding criteria — both for cooling as well as for environmental and industry regulations.


When you work with us, our team will conduct a comprehensive engineering review prior to selecting the equipment solution for your needs. We use a detailed electrical questionnaire to ensure that we’re providing you with the right equipment for your application. We confirm a variety of factors, such as the ambient operating temperature it will be used in, what the conditions are (hot, dirty, dusty, corrosive, etc.), and more.


Lintern Corporation equipment uses environmentally-acceptable refrigerants that comply with the Montreal Protocol, Title VI of the United States Clean Air Act, and United States EPA regulations. We use the following refrigerants in our machines:

  • R-134a
  • R-450a
  • R-410a
  • R-407C
  • R-404a
  • R-448a

Capacity Comparisons

When it comes to calculating your operating capacities, it’s critical to go beyond calculations alone, as what one manufacturer determines your capacity to be could be completely different when calculated by another manufacturer. At Lintern Corporation, we use the industry’s most sophisticated psychrometric testing lab to assure accurate operating capacities. Don’t go it alone — evaluating different manufacturer’s equipment can be challenging. Our engineers are available to assist you in determining the right equipment for your application.