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Full Range of Industrial Air Conditioner Solutions

Lintern Corporation has been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and servicing a broad range of industrial self-contained air conditioner, condenser, evaporator, and lighting equipment solutions since the 1940s. Throughout our history, we’ve been proud to develop some of the world’s most advanced air conditioning solutions for production environments where only the most severe-duty equipment will do. We can do the same for your organization today.

Companies in industries around the world rely on Lintern Corporation industrial air conditioners and our other severe-duty equipment to keep their environments manageable and safe for workers. From steel and aluminum production, to cement plants, to protecting utilities to make sure they run smoothly, wherever a demanding environment requires an air conditioning solution beyond standard commercial solutions, it’s likely that you’ll find an Lintern Corporation industrial air conditioner working hard.

You can explore our full range of self-contained industrial air conditioners, condensers, evaporators, filtration products, and more below. If you have any questions about our severe-duty equipment, our expert team is ready to assist. Contact us today to learn more about these products, our support services, and more.

Self Contained

Lintern Corporation offers a wide range of self-contained AC units that combine the compressor, condenser, and evaporator into a single system. Learn more here.


We offer a variety of condenser units with incredibly flexible and modular designs. Built for harsh environments that can reach into the extreme, our condenser units are the ideal solution for your unique application.


In environments where extreme heat, corrosive conditions and materials, vibration, and other demanding factors make cooling difficult, a Lintern evaporator ensures efficient cooling to protect your people and assets.


Lintern Corporation offers efficient filtration systems designed to keep the air in your facilities and control rooms clean and properly pressurized. Both systems remove 99.97% of airborne particulate matter to keep assets and people safe. We can also pressurize the room to make sure that the dirt, dust, and gasses will stay out of the rooms you want to protect.

Lintern Lighting

Lighting systems are a key part of our history here at Lintern Corporation. Since 1901, we’ve been manufacturing industry-leading safety and signal lights in a variety of configurations. Learn more about our glowlites, traffic signals, and more.

Additional Solutions

Beyond our core line of industrial air conditioner systems, filtration products, and lighting systems, we also manufacture application-specific products such as our super-duty air conditioner and condensate evaporators. If you do not find what you need, please contact us — we will be happy to look into it and help you solve your application need.