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A Global Leader in Severe-Duty Air Conditioning and Filtration

Our Mission: We design and manufacture the highest quality industrial environmental control and signal lighting in the world. Our products give the customer long-term value.

Lintern Corporation is the leading designer and manufacturer of specialty air conditioning, filtration, lighting, and other types of industrial equipment for severe and harsh environments. Throughout our extensive history, we’ve been innovating solutions for the manufacturing world that create more manageable and safer conditions for our clients.

Many industrial facilities are simply too demanding for standard air conditioning and filtration units, making it difficult for your employees to go about their work comfortably and safely.

Most of the electronic components cannot withstand the harsh environment of these processes as well and Lintern is here to protect those as well.

Our systems are designed specifically to operate in these challenging conditions. Each machine we design features extreme durability and reliability to deliver best-in-class performance at all times. And of course, every piece of equipment comes with global service and support.

Keeping Your Environment Comfortable and Productive

Lintern Corporation equipment can be found in some of the most demanding facilities around the world where the nature of the work, geography, and other factors require high levels of performance around the clock. We’re proud to partner with organizations in multiple industries:

  • Primary metals (Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Zinc)
  • Coke facilities
  • Cement plants
  • Mining, oil, and gas
  • Utilities
  • Pulp and paper
  • Satellite communications
  • Chemical processing plants

This is just a sampling of the many industries we serve. Wherever high heat, sustained vibration, dirty and dusty conditions, or corrosive and caustic environments are to be found, our equipment is ready to be put to the test. And with more than a century of expertise, we’re confident we can deliver a solution for your needs.

Corporate Philanthropy

Each year, Lintern Corporation directs a portion of our organization’s earnings to support charitable activities in our community. Programs that support youth development and enable young people to improve their communities are favored. Our employees also contribute to the company’s philanthropy efforts, and each of their contributions is matched in full.

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